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  • Help me develop

    our team

    Well known as “fixers”, we will take a deep dive into your team’s current challenges, strengths and future goals. 


    As your trusted advisors and partners, we will create a solid, strategic plan designed to motivate both employees and leaders. Plan on everyone working together with a unified vision.

  • Help me grow my career as a leader

    The big secret of extraordinary leaders: they don’t do it alone.


    Whether you need help transitioning to a new role, navigating a corporate hierarchy, or upgrading your leadership skills, so your team stays engaged, we will create a customized plan to achieve your goals with much more ease than trying to do it on your own.

  • I am looking for a motivational speaker

    From the moment she hits the stage, Ginny will masterfully engage your audience with heart, humor and her own personal journey to success. 


    Companies consistently send rave reviews, thrilled with the immediate boost in employee morale, motivation, and abundance of fresh ideas Ginny’s keynotes generate.


Kim K., New York, NY

“I came to Dr. Ginny searching for more clarity around professional development, career progression, and my future vision. With her help, I uncovered my blind spots which is helping me go after the career I want and build much stronger professional and personal relationships.”

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From where you stand today, is this where 

you want to be 12 months from now?

If not, we should talk.

World-class athletes, high-profile celebrities, and exceptional leaders all have one thing in common: they did not achieve their goals alone, and neither should you.


Standing out and staying competitive in the marketplace requires innovation, a solid strategy, and the confidence to pivot quickly when challenges come up.

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