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Kruti Thakore

Life & Productivity Coach

"Dr. Ginny, it was a pleasure listening to you at women of color empowerment and leadership conference. I learned a lot and I am thankful for your presentation."

Marie W. Banks 

Sr. Engineer

“In October and November of this year [2019], I attended a webinar sponsored by WAVE (Women Association of Verizon Employees) and HSO (Hispanic Support Organization), led by Dr. Ginny Baro. As a 23-year employee of Verizon and a Senior Engineer, Dr. Ginny was the exact boost I needed for my career. It is easy to get comfortable with your job, but her insight and specific directions were on-point and effective. She trained us on how to set up cyber coffees with strategies and the verbiage for correspondence. I put them all to use and received positive responses EVERY time.


Dr. Ginny talked about our six human needs and gave us free access to several behavioral tools, one of which I used (DISC). The resources provided through her website were immeasurable. I also took advantage of a complimentary cyber coffee with Dr. Ginny herself, and again benefited from a wealth of her wisdom and guidance. Dr. Ginny is a game-changer in the field of personal and professional development. Verizon was very lucky to have Dr. Ginny, and it will be very wise of Verizon to make her company, ExecutiveBound, a regular resource.”


Osato Chitou

Esq., MPH

"I heard Dr. Baro speak at the Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference and her messaging regarding every individuals' "unique value proposition" resonated with me. She is incredibly engaging, intentional, and purposeful in her work in developing fearless leaders. She forces you to assess your internal strengths, and utilize that assessment to catapult you to the next level. I look forward to Dr. Baro's great work and am excited to be working with her."

Osato Chitou, Esq., MPH