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Celebrating the Healing Leadership Audiobook!

Read by Dr. Ginny A. Baro

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How to Lead, Love and Thrive in Business and Life

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" Dr. Ginny Baro walks us through a process of self-discovery to help us develop a new approach to leadership that puts people first. She shares without judgment and guides with compassion. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to lead with authenticity and higher purpose.” 

Jill Johnson, CEO at Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership


Join our movement to heal leadership around the world!

Profound global challenges require innovative approaches to navigate them successfully. A new leadership style is emerging, and this book delivers its message: Leaders are healers, and the first step is to heal ourselves.

Healing Leadership will transform the way you view your role as a leader, how you lead yourself and contribute to others. In this valuable guide based on in-depth experience, heartfelt stories, and interviews with distinguished industry experts, Dr. Ginny A. Baro takes you on a delightful, thought-provoking journey to discover the critical leadership skills leaders must possess to overcome any challenges and thrive in a shifting world.​

 Strong leaders like yourself will turn to this new book to learn:​

  • The secrets to healing leadership, from creating meaningful connections to leading with love, inclusivity, and compassion.

  • Expert advice on how to lead, engage and influence others authentically.

  • A unique roadmap to develop, coach, mentor, and retain talent.

  • Strategies and microsteps to awaken your strengths and resources and skyrocket your career.

 Are you ready to unleash your full potential and become a fearless leader and role model? Dr. Baro invites you to elevate and evolve your leadership skills. Retool to generate massive results where you’re needed most and shift from merely surviving to thriving. After all, exceptional leaders do not get where they are alone! 

#1 Bestseller in These Categories

#1 Organizational Change
#1 Workplace Behavior
#1 Business Leadership Training
#1 Management Science
#1 Business Mentoring and Coaching
#1 Business Teams


Join the Healing Leadership
Book Club Community!

Bring Healing Leadership to Your Organization!

Help your team retool and build the critical leadership skills required to navigate daily challenges and the current uncertainty. 


Our engaging speaking events and immersive Healing Leadership book club experience are a fun and collaborative way to help your team acquire essential leadership skills and re-connect in an energizing community of peers!

To learn how bringing the Healing Leadership book Club to your company works, download this flyer and share it with your ERGs, leadership groups, executive team, HR leaders, learning development officers, and decision-makers in your organization.

All engaged participants will gain practical tools to enhance their self-leadership and performance, improve mental health, and shift from "surviving" to thriving!

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