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What members of the Fearless Leadership Mastermind say...


Aleta M., Principal & Founder

New York, NY

“I highly recommend the Fearless Leadership Mastermind program. It’s useful for anyone who wants to grow both professionally and personally. I participated in this training to expand my resources and tools to advance my career, challenge my perception, and ultimately make me a better leader. I was able to walk away with a better understanding of exactly what skills I have, which areas I want to improve, and how I can use both to my advantage. It should be required training for anyone who is overseeing even one individual. It offers high quality, hands-on support from Dr. Ginny, on-demand leadership training modules, weekly Mastermind circles, and weekly training prompts to help me stay on track. Between the content of the modules, the tools, and coaching, the value is enormous. The tools that we delve into and keep are not only useful in the moment, but I’ll be able to use them time and time again to reassess and reevaluate what I want and the best way to get there. I was able to dig into and challenge the narratives I have been telling myself, and how I have perceived different situations, an understanding that serves me, and my growth as a leader. I now have an Action Map that I can use today and continue to use yearly to ensure that I am reacting to reality, pushing myself to grow, and understanding the value that I can offer my company, my peers, and friends. ”


Johnna G., Business Excellence Program Manager, Verizon

“When I joined the Fearless Leadership Mastermind program, I was looking for the tools to increase my executive presence and manage both real and perceived stresses associated with my leadership development. I needed guidance to amplify my emotional intelligence, hone my communication and networking skills, and influence key decision-makers to drive my career forward. Soon after I started coaching and actively participated in the training, I learned the art of connection, resiliency, and self-empowerment. Challenges with confrontational co-workers now become opportunities to learn with a newfound growth mindset. Through Ginny’s guidance, I can now reframe stressful situations, both real and imagined. I created positive habits with daily practices that align my strengths, values, purpose, and goals. My growth and transformation reflect in my workplace and annual reviews and my relationships with friends and family. I am committed to mindfulness and the arsenal of tools that enable me to focus on the present. The program gave me the ability to remain poised and confident in stressful situations. I was also able to identify and harness my Unique Value Proposition and leadership competencies. These insights increased my self-confidence, authenticity, and a sense of purpose. I feel this program offers great value in a safe, supportive environment to develop leadership and life-coping skills and to allow me to be my best Self. I would highly recommend the Fearless Leadership Mastermind to my colleagues and friends.”


Kimberly, New York, NY

"I have had the privilege of participating in Ginny Baro's Fearless Leadership Mastermind course, and I am awestruck by the level of the detailed, comprehensive subject matter. The program is thorough and offers a wide range of resources, including video modules, mp3 downloads, transcripts, and a guided Workbook. So, no matter what platform or modality you learn best on, this program caters to your learning needs. Under Ginny's leadership, the Mastermind environment is lovingly supportive, and the engagement within the core group of professionals, the circle of trust, is empowering and insightful. It is Ginny's consistent support that inspires me most, both professionally and personally, holding me accountable to focus on awareness of energy, thoughts, actions, and beliefs to shift toward positive change. I'm grateful and motivated by her vulnerability, leading by example, and role-modeling what I can achieve with the right mindset. Ginny's contribution to this program, consistent practice of mindfulness, focus on self-awareness, and dedication to her clients, has awakened me."

Misha, Founder

What I took from this was 100 times more than what I thought!

Aleta, Principal

The value is enormous!

Here's what our private coaching members received...


Aleta M., CHRO,

New York, NY

“Before I began working with Dr. Ginny, I was challenged with figuring out the next steps in my career, as well as finding my passion. Dr. Ginny really helped me hone in on what I love about my job, what I am good at, and then what my true calling is overall. Dr. Ginny created a space so that I could see things clearly, as well as point out facts that I was not taking into consideration. I loved that she was not just a mirror for me but provided much-needed guidance and support throughout the entire process. I now have a clearer sense of purpose, which allows me to set aside time for the things that give me joy daily so that I keep my passion fed. I am more inclined to assess a situation regarding the needs I see so I can fulfill those needs and quickly get to the root cause of any issue. I am now able to help coach others more graciously.”


John S., Executive Director, New York, NY

“With Dr. Ginny’s executive coaching, I was able to more effectively concentrate on the leadership and business development skills that would ensure my success in a professional opportunity that focused on sales and business growth. She challenged me to think about creative but common-sense approaches to achieving a better outcome. I often refer to the ideas, suggestions, and teachings she shared with me to stay positive, motivated and innovative in the way I’m approaching and developing a forward-looking business development program. I will always remain grateful and highly recommend her to others who are looking to challenge themselves to grow both professionally and personally.”


Will H., VP,  Impact Business Development, New York, NY

When I started coaching with Ginny, I was transitioning to an outward-facing business development role after a long career leading business initiatives and projects inside companies. She is very insightful, smart, thoughtful, and practical. She also offers terrifically positive energy and spirit to the knowledge and approach she delivers. Ginny helped me organize my thinking and priorities around my opportunity sets and helps me adopt better habits and mindset to pursue them successfully. She pushed me to get out of my comfort zone in ways that benefit my business, my clients, and me. Sometimes subtle changes in language can have a profound impact on the energy we give off. Ginny helped me reframe my use of words in powerful ways. Like a lot of busy professionals, especially in this time of information overload, I have a long list of things I could do at any given moment. Ginny helped me prioritize my time to more consistently focus on what's important, including some interpersonal and organizational priorities to which I've not always been well attuned."


Kristina S.,

Director of R&D

“When I first met Ginny online I was just reaching out for career development and mentoring. However, as luck would have it, within a few weeks, I was let go from my job. While it was a potentially stressful time, I never felt that way. With Ginny's help and guidance, I remained calm, looked honestly at the company I left, evaluated my own true value proposition, and made strategic moves to find the type of positive work environment and a driven culture that better aligns with who I am.

I cannot even express enough gratitude for Ginny's insights, teachings, and friendship. I feel blessed that I found her when I did, and it has made all the difference in my life. In my new role, I feel that I am valued, truly making a difference, and trusting my instincts so much more than my past work history. I wish that I could bottle up a little bit of Ginny and pass her along to everyone I know and love that is searching for fulfillment in their careers. So for now, I just have to settle sending everyone her book!

As a result of working with Ginny, I earn a higher pay (which I negotiated), greater respect (for myself and given to me by my coworkers), and a happy, healthy work-life balance.”


Caroline B., Customer Service & Operations Leader

"I coached with Ginny to refine my management skills and work towards my next promotion. Together, we created a resume and LinkedIn profile that reflects my strengths, communicates my achievements, and positions me to attract and interview for Director roles. I also learned how to manage my team with a more thoughtful approach resulting in more open communication and effectiveness. With Ginny’s guidance, I got really clear on how to align my personal and professional life and gained many great tools and ideas on how to pursue all my passions together with a solid plan to increase my income. I’ve learned time management and how to apply these skills always to be productive while taking care of myself."


Sharon C., Sr.

Investment Associate

“Before meeting Ginny, I was struggling with trusting myself, overcoming my inner saboteur, and working inside my circle of influence, and not my circle of concern. Since working with Ginny, I have grown both personally and professionally. She has helped me to navigate tumultuous changes in my career and to uncover the hidden gems and gifts where I only saw problems! Her intuitive and compassionate nature quickly hones in on the root cause of what appears to be a surface issue. Her gentle but firm hand guides in the process of peeling back the layers needed to gain access and insight into the rock star within. She is results-oriented and understands that the best productivity comes from a place of unfettered acceptance. Offering years of wisdom and knowledge in the industry, she combines strategy with intuition in a way I have never seen. I have a higher level of self-acceptance and appreciation for the woman within. As a result, my interpersonal relationships flow easier, and I can appreciate the art of being inquisitive and accepting. I also find that as I stop overthinking and lean into my own intuition, I am better equipped to make sound decisions, set realistic goals and intentions, and most importantly follow through. She has made a significant difference in my life.”

Here's what our partners have to say about our

Leadership Training & Speaking Programs


Ms. Julia R. Gibson, Edison Job Corps Business Community Liaison

"Dr. Ginny, please accept my sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you made at the Community Relations Luncheon on March 29th [2018]. It was great to hear about your experience in your personal life and career. Thank you so much for sharing your time and experiences with us. You were engaging and timely. Once again thank you for presenting!"

Sarah Natchez _ LinkedIn.jpg

Sarah N., Chief Operating Officer, Sports

"It was such a huge value-add to have you share your insight with my leadership team. You had a lasting impact, and I received positive feedback across the board."


Errol M.,

Super Soccer Stars Leader

"Ms. Baro, you did an awesome presentation for my colleagues and me at Super Soccer Stars. I thoroughly enjoyed your mastermind session and would love to introduce my team to the exercise."


Sheryl F., Principal Scientist, Event  Coordinator

“Dr. Ginny Baro delivered an impactful presentation on ‘How to Prepare for your Next Level of Success’ at my organization. The program and three follow-up sessions reached over 500 individuals across a global pharmaceutical organization. Dr. Baro was energetic and engaging, professional, and informative. She shared insights and research on how to create your unique value proposition and to discover your “superpowers” and provided great resources for further engagement after the seminar. Her passion for her work is crystal clear—helping leaders become “fearless” in the pursuit of their career aspirations and goals. I look forward to working with her again!”


Laura J., Director, Pharmaceuticals

“As the global leader of my company's women's employee business resource group, I was looking for opportunities to provide concrete, actionable training for my members to help move their careers forward.


Ginny's workshop provided a whole host of opportunities for the members to grow. We received amazing support, through the original live event and several follow up sessions, enabling many members to take key steps identifying what they want and their next steps for their career. We also had access to a plethora of downloadable tools that were simple to use and impactful.


We are finally seeing members of our group having the means and the courage to go for the next step in their careers. It has also motivated many individuals to dream bigger about what they want while giving them the tools to help achieve those goals. The key benefits were clear; simple to use tools, clear, actionable steps, and plenty of follow up support to help put it all into action.”


Sharlette E.,

Director, Pharmaceuticals

“Attending the Fearless Leadership Retreat was an exciting experience. There was a phenomenal group of inspiring women at the retreat. I can’t wait until the next one and would recommend the retreat to every woman who is looking to learn more about her strengths and value at work and in her life. After the retreat was over, I was able to attend the group sessions and continued implementing the takeaways. I have at least three extraordinary women who are looking forward to learning more about the next retreat. The concepts and teaching Dr. Ginny presented transcended the workplace and into every aspect of life. There isn’t one area of my life that has not improved since attending Ginny’s seminar at my company and the retreat—completely life-changing. You are awesome Ginny, thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the Fearless Women @Work network.

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Danette C.

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