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How to go through a tough transition in your life and avoid feeling the isolation

Updated: May 14, 2022

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My clients and I have gone through chapters in our lives when we've experienced a challenging change. This article addresses how to go through a tough transition in your life and avoid feeling isolated.

What period of your life are you currently going through?

Transitions can be both exciting and make us feel anxious simultaneously.

Are you switching from the full-time gig to doing something that you're passionate about and find a lot of purpose in doing?

Are you transitioning from a full-time gig to doing something you're more passionate about and find more purposeful?

Maybe you are already in the role you want and want to make changes in your team? Perhaps the team members who are part of the team are not the right people.

Maybe you are distancing yourself from a relationship. It could be a romantic relationship or even a friendship that is no longer healthy and is not serving you, and you've decided to move on.

What can you do to support yourself as you experience a challenging transition?

These situations can feel crunchy--as I like to call them. They make us feel uncomfortable.

Going through something new can be both exciting and scary. Here are a couple of strategies and concepts to keep in mind.

#1 You are not alone

I want you to know that you are not alone if you find yourself in that tough place today.

Many of us are also going through changes in some aspects of our lives, sometimes in multiple areas simultaneously.

Give yourself grace, compassion, and be patient with yourself first--then extend that to others in your life.

#2 Seek support

One of the secrets I found helpful to get through those transitions and changes is acknowledging that I'm going through the change and recognizing the emotions that come up for me.

Also, it helps me when I share what I'm going through with my coach or someone I trust. It allows me to process those emotions healthier than when I'm processing them alone and stay in my head.

Like many of the leaders I work with, if you are also someone who tends to be "in your head" and not share with anyone, try something different—experiment with sharing where you are with someone you trust and see how you feel after doing that.

The good news is that others can relate no matter what chapter of life you are in.

Know there are always people ahead of you who have experienced something similar, behind you, who are accomplishing something you've already accomplished, going through something you've already gone through, or walking along with you, in a similar chapter.

You are never alone. Please seek the support you need to get through a difficult situation as best as possible.

Easier said than done? If you need guidance, you can reach us at to set up a complimentary strategy session and explore how our programs can help you transition smoothly and confidently.

Live with purpose, live with joy!

Coach Ginny 💕


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