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How Increasing Your Energy Level Will Increase Your Visibility

Last week I spoke with you about increasing your visibility. And one of the strategies that I gave you was volunteering for side projects or a project that's important to your manager. This week, I want to continue on the topic of visibility.

Whether you are in business for yourself or working in a corporate role, increasing your visibility will help you enhance and strengthen your personal brand. In a nutshell, your personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. So, how do you strengthen your personal brand and increase your visibility?

One of the strategies that I'm giving you today is to increase your energy level.

When you show up into a room or a virtual meeting of any type, whether it's your team meeting, whether you're presenting, whether you are in a panel, whatever the case may be, when you increase your energy level, you increase your visibility.

Energy is contagious, and everything is about energy. If you show up and your shoulders are down, your voice is low, and you're a little lethargic as you're presenting your facts, people will fall asleep, listening and watching you.

The opposite of that is that you show up and you are alert. Your shoulders are back. You are in an energetic state.

Even when you're sitting down in your chair and your voice projects, then your energy projects. It projects passion, purpose, and intention.

When you show up with energy, it increases your visibility. People notice you; people listen to you.

Along with that, part of that energy is your voice. Your voice is like a piano, and many of us use our voice as if it were a flat instrument. We don't change ranges. We don't go up and down. We pretty much stay in the same tone, the same pitch, the same cadence through our entire speech.

If you watch TEDx Talks if you listen to podcasts and you're listening to someone who actually changes their cadence, their pitch, when they're trying to tell you something really important, you listen.

I want to talk with you for the rest of the week about other strategies to increase my visibility and strengthen my personal brand. And as a motivational speaker, I love to practice what I'm going to present. I can then bring my best to that presentation. I do that because practice is everything. I record myself, and I watch myself. Then, I critique myself, tweak, and I redo it.

So, use your voice in an engaging way.

And remember that you have a full range. You don't have to stay low, and you don't have to be up here the whole time, because that would be really annoying to many people. It will be annoying to yourself. Finding out what's the right rhythm for you is critical because you also need to be authentic. You can't pretend to be upbeat when you're actually not.

But when you present, ramping up your energy a notch or two will increase your visibility and help you strengthen your personal brand.

Please leave us a comment and tell us how you are now planning to increase your visibility.

We have many more strategies to share with you. Stay plugged in and learn as much as you can to apply in your career and life.

With love and appreciation,

Coach Ginny 💕

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