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[Vlog] How to commit despite a looming fear

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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Does this sound familiar to you? One of the reasons many people don't commit to doing something, even when it can change their life, is a looming fear of failure, that they will not follow through, and that when they don't, they will be disappointed.

When you commit with flexibility, you give yourself a chance to grow and experience that...

Committing isn't a life sentence

Vulnerably, let me share a quick story that illustrates how I committed despite the palpable fears.

When I began the Start the Day with Ginny Vlog series, Michelle, one of the talented female leaders in The Fearless Leadership Mastermind program, inspired me. She said, "It would be great to start the day with Ginny and get my dose of inspiration from you. That will energize me for the day."

Heeding Michelle's feedback, I planned this series. Creating a daily video was a big commitment when you think about it. Initially, I wavered a bit, "What if it doesn't catch on, I don't feel like doing it one day, or if I'm traveling, and I can't do it that day."

Rather than entertain my doubts and stay on that train of thought, which was disempowering, I validated my intentions. I decided to start shooting the daily videos, Start the Day with Ginny, where I would support my audience to begin their day on an empowering note.

I launched into it with some trepidations but wholeheartedly committed to seeing it through. I began sharing my insights each morning in 5 - 7 minute video spurts for multiple consecutive weeks following my decision.

However, looking at the video analytics, I noticed that the daily videos weren't getting that many views. I didn't know what was happening with the LinkedIn algorithm, but I was only getting less than 100 video views. And I have over 23,000 connections in my professional LinkedIn network.

What was I to do?

After reflecting on the lackluster video views, I could have chosen to cancel the Vlog series, let my ego get the best of me, and move on. Instead, I decided to reset and thought, "Okay, if these videos are lacking in viewership and I do not have the impact I intended for my audience, what can I do to tweak, pivot, and move forward?"

As a Start the Day with Ginny viewer, you may already know the Vlog is available once a week on Wednesdays at around 6 AM ET on LinkedIn and my social media channels, in our Blog on the site. And in our weekly community newsletter.

By being flexible, resetting, and figuring out what works best for me and our audience, we can support them with valuable content where I share life lessons and insights about leadership, career, and life.

The same can apply to you.

How do you commit?

I share this relevant story to convey that to commit to your goals, something you've wanted to do, or get better at, including becoming a better leader, the first step is to commit to starting, period.

If you start and something happens along the way, tweak, pivot, and continue.

Unless we're talking about a life or death situation, nothing you decide today is final, absolutely nothing--there's likely room for change.

There is no "death" in making a decision you can change your mind about and do something differently.

But reacting and behaving driven by fears and scarcity, where you don't believe that what you want is possible, doubt that it will succeed, and where you don't want to feel disappointed, it's truly living in the future. I say this with love and compassion.

When we project our fears into the future, it can defeat us and make us feel stuck before we even start. We can shift into analysis paralysis mode and stop making progress. And as humans, when we're not making progress, we feel like we're dying.

  • What is that thing that you want to get done?

  • What is it that you want to go after and try?

If there's something that you're trying to do that you haven't committed to yet, this is your invitation to start. It could be:

  • Start going to the gym and begin a movement practice and exercise

  • Focus on your nutrition and start a new lifestyle of eating.

  • Get better at some skill you've been wanting to develop a skill set.

  • Become a better, more engaging, more empowering leader.

Personally, perhaps you haven't pursued a special relationship because of fear, fear of getting hurt, of getting your heart broken.

We need to live full out. And if we don't, there won't be an undo, redo, or replay button. Let's go for it starting today.

I trust that you have what it takes to sit down and decide your critical next steps to achieve your desired goals. Take one course of action and try it.

Once you take that first step, you can manage what happens because you are self-aware that you're on your journey to going after "it." You're smart. And you'll take calculated risks. You're not going to be rash and do things you will regret that will damage your career or your personal brand.

We're here for you to support you in any way that we can by leveraging over 30 years of industry experience. Your first step would be to reach out to us at to set up a complimentary strategy session. During our time together, we'll explore your top challenges, what you desire most in the next 12 months, and how our programs can help you develop to fill the gaps without feeling overwhelmed.

Live with purpose, live with joy!

Coach Ginny 💕


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