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How to Deal With Disappointment and Make Sound Decisions

How are you currently dealing with disappointment?

Some of us may call it a failure or unmet expectations--circumstances in life when we may be disappointed because things don't turn out how we expected.

How would you like three strategies to help you deal with disappointment so you can move forward? Here we go!

# 1 Look at Your Assumptions

Those of you who have been following closely have heard me announce that my next book, Healing Leadership, was coming out on March 30th.

As I reviewed and proofed my book, I noticed that some things needed to be fixed. For example, the website URL for one of the 41 leaders showcased in the book was misspelled. I couldn't go live knowing ahead of time that the link was wrong.

I stopped and thought about the implications of pushing the publication date out two weeks instead of launching on the originally planned date.

What helped me decide what to do, and what I did to make this decision without putting myself through a lot of angst, was to lay out all the assumptions that I was making about the book launch date getting pushed two weeks.

If you're dealing with a situation where you are hesitant, anxious, or grappling with a decision, sit down calmly and lay out the assumptions you're making around this decision.

You may find that you are assuming that things may actually be worse than they will be. That's where I am inviting you to put on your hat of being factual versus being emotional. I know this could be challenging sometimes, depending on the circumstances you find yourself in.

For me, the fact was that there were no tangible implications to moving the book launch date out two weeks, other than the fact that I have been announcing that it was going to be on a different date.

#2 Try Again

Now, the new book launch date is April 14th, and the next step is to try again. Simply because it didn't work out the way I had initially planned, it doesn't mean that it's over.

When we don't try again, it means we have a fixed mindset, and we let our beliefs around failure take over. As a result, we hold ourselves back, we keep ourselves small, and we don't reach the outcome we are looking to get.

Trying again includes having flexibility and being able to pivot, which we have to do every day of our lives in our business and careers and inner relationships. We have to pivot all the time. This is another strategy that I used to make this decision.

#3 Communicate Powerfully and Prolifically

Finally, the last thing that I would recommend to you is when you have to pivot, communicate powerfully and prolifically to the people involved in that decision.

I have a Rockstar Book Launch Team and launch partners, and I needed to share with them that the day changed and keep them in the loop about our next steps and celebration.

Who are the individuals who would be impacted by your decision? How can you bring them along to ensure you're all aligned and clear on how you'll proceed?

Bringing It All Together

For today, your challenge is to look at a decision that you're currently grappling with or struggling to make and layout the assumptions that you are currently making around that decision.

What would it look like to try again if your expectations weren't met? What would it look like if you gave it another shot?

When you zoom out and look at the big picture, you'll realize that the sky is not falling.

You may think that everybody's got their eyes on you. Quite frankly, people have their eyes on themselves and their own businesses. So that's one of the things that sometimes hold us back. What are people going to say? They're going to say what they are dealing with is what matters to them.

Finally, communicate to the people that are involved in this decision. Bring them along, make them excited and inspire them around what you're doing next. People want to support you and be there for you if they're truly in your tribe and your support network of allies. If people don't understand, that's a big sign that they are not the type of people you can go to for support, mentorship, coaching, and help.

Be fearless! (act despite the fear)

Coach Ginny 💕

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