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How you create the life you want starts today when you get clear on this question

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

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If you have been feeling uninspired, lost or not clear on what you want in life, I want to share with you a powerful tool that will help you get clarity so you can gain the confidence to pursue your goals.

In today's vlog, I'm excited to share with you a transformative insight that will set you on a compelling path to creating a juicy life. It all starts with a simple and significant question.

This question serves as a guiding light, illuminating the steps you need to take, the choices you need to make, and the mindset you need to adopt.

By getting clear on this question, you open the doors to a world of possibilities and set in motion a journey of purposeful living.

No matter where you find yourself, today you have an opportunity to reassess, redefine, and realign your path.

Starting around 2:45 minutes into the video, I share insights, practical strategies, and my own experiences that will empower you.

And to support your goals and your journey toward the life you want to create, being intentional about your self-care is imperative.

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Live with purpose, live with joy!

Coach Ginny 💕


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DR. GINNY A. BARO, Ph.D., MBA, MS, CPC, CEO,, immigrated to the U.S. at age 14 with nothing more than a dream. Today, she is an award-winning international transformational speaker & leadership coach, career strategist, and #1 bestselling author of Healing Leadership and Fearless Women at Work. Named one of the Top 100 Global Thought Leaders, Dr. Baro has successfully delivered keynotes, leadership training, and coaching programs for organizations, ERGs, and Fortune 500 companies. She's been a Leadership Coach for the McKinsey&Company's Hispanic/Latino Executive Program since 2021. Leveraging over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, in 2020, Dr. Baro created the Fearless Leadership Mastermind™ to help high-potential female leaders advance and gain critical leadership skills to lead, engage, and influence their teams confidently and deliver business growth and personal well-being. She earned a Ph.D. in Information Systems, an MS in Computer Science, an MBA in Management, and a BA in Computer Science and Economics, and she is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). To learn more, please visit

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