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What Skills to Learn in 2020 to Boost Your Career (Guest Blog Post)

Doing and Being
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Whether you’re building your career from the ground up or switching careers later in life, you can quickly run into trouble. Employers in 2020 are on the hunt for candidates with marketable skills, and the chase is intensifying as the year goes on.

With any of the following five skills mastered and easily visible on your resume, you would be more likely to stand out from the crowd. And if you’re planning to start your own business or freelancing career, these skills become even more important!


Not to be confused with copywriting, copyrighting is an aspect of intellectual property law that governs the “ownership” of certain kinds of intangible assets (assets that aren’t physical). That includes digital music, code, and of course, writing, among other things.

With a working knowledge of copyright law under your belt, you can enable your company to save thousands of dollars on improperly filed applications and potentially even more on legal prep. Of course, that’s only a fraction of what you could do with a formal education in copyright law, but that’s a full career path.

Through copyrighting, you can show your potential employer that you are not only an educated go-getter but also a capable addition to the company’s operations teams.


Coding is one of the skills listed in just about every single “top skills in X industry” articles online, and with good reason. The world is becoming more and more consumed by software, with the Internet, the Internet of Things, and other inventions playing an increasingly significant role in the global economy.

Without knowledge of coding, you can miss out on all of that growth, and companies know it.

In studies on coding for kids, researchers have discovered that practice coding correlates to improved problem-solving skills, creativity, and understanding of the sciences, all of which can be incredibly important to a wide variety of employers.

As David Dodge, CEO of Codakid, puts it, “Coding is about much more than just the code.” With more and more companies seeking highly skilled coders in just about every field of every industry, Mr. Dodge’s claim seems to be holding up to history.


Few skills are as crucial to a career in business as negotiations. If you can’t express your point of view and your ideas in a quick, concise, and convincing manner, you won’t get very far in any industry, let alone business.

Now, don’t start thinking that you don’t need to be skilled in negotiations if you’re not going into a client-facing role. Even if you’re working as a back-end developer, soft skills like negotiations can be a critical weapon in your employment arsenal.

As economies become more interconnected and teams within businesses start working more closely together in 2020, the ability to negotiate is going to only grow in importance.


Short for search engine optimization, SEO is an incredibly vital tool to understand. Since 97 percent of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, a number that seems to be growing each year, the ability to make your content appear in those Google searches is becoming more critical than ever before.

SEO functions by increasing your “rank” on various databases that search engines use to determine who goes on which page of the results. In other words, if you have a low rank, your content might appear on the second, third, or even the hundredth page of results.

Since search-engine-based marketing has become so incredibly important, so too has the ability to manipulate those search engines. If you can convey to an employer that you thoroughly understand SEO techniques, you can make yourself a prime candidate without lifting a finger.

Complex Problem-Solving

According to a World Economic Forum report, complex problem-solving is set to become one of the official core skills of more than a third of all businesses this year. To ride that wave to success, it behooves us to practice complex problem-solving skills.

Complex-problem solving refers to the cognitive processes involved in creating simple, practical answers for complicated problems. As industries grow in terms of the amount of technology in use, the diversity of their markets, and the versatility of their assets, knowing the right way to allocate resources can make you a shoo-in for just about any role, provided, of course, that you meet the other basic requirements.

Bringing It All Together

Regardless of your reason for wanting to boost your career, the solution is to make yourself more marketable.

By mastering one or all of these five skills, you not only increase your marketability, but you also improve your productivity and sustainability in the marketplace.

That means that a combination of these skills (copyrighting, coding, negotiation, SEO, and complex problem-solving) is essential for just about anybody, including both recent graduates taking their first steps in the professional world and entrepreneurs taking their last steps in the professional world.

One way or another, you need these skills!

In the meantime, be fearless! (act despite the fear)

With love and appreciation,


Special thanks to Hunter Amato, Freelance Writer and Editor, for contributing this article to our Blog.

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