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As a "Thank You!" all trusted referral partners & affiliates receive referral fees worth 10% of all proceeds. You can apply it toward private coaching sessions or ExecutiveBound events and Retreats.

Let me show you how.

Here are the best practices for introducing our programs to your company or someone in your trusted network, and supporting them to enjoy the benefits as they pursue and achieve their most cherished goals in career and life:

√ Share your personal story with them about being in the program and what you are celebrating and creating because of working with me and being part of this community, and how you feel I could help them, too.

√ Invite them to meet or introduce them to me *WITH YOU*. Never send them a link to my website or say, "You should do this, it's awesome." Instead, do one of the following TOGETHER:

√ Set up a "Group Cyber Coffee" on Zoom with me using this link: https://drginnybarocybercoffee.youcanbook.me

√ Email them one of the emails you receive from being in my program and discuss it together.

The reason why your friends or trusted colleagues may not be getting the support they need is primarily isolation. To counteract that, if you express how much you love a program, like the Fearless Leadership Mastermind, and then tell someone, "YOU should do it!" make sure that you FOLLOW THROUGH with your desire to see that person's life improve, and to be present for it.

Walk with them arm-in-arm to the next level, because everything is much better—it's such a PLEASURE—when we do it and experience it together.

If you want to bring my leadership training, coaching, online programs, or motivational talks to your organization, let's set up an introduction with a decision-maker at your company. Your referral fee would reflect the total of ALL future business with the organization! How does that sound?

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback: (m) +1 201-388-6318 

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