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Healing Leadership

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Launching February 16, 2021

As you know, bringing this book into the world and sharing its message is extremely important to me as I know it will enhance many lives.


To impact as many people as possible, I am aiming to reach Amazon Bestseller status and to provide genuine testimonials by individuals who read the book before its launch.

As a member of the team, I will be asking readers to:


  • Read the book, a section, or a chapter by New Year's Day 2021 when I’ll send you the PDF copy.

  • Write a heartfelt review that I may use in promoting the book and send it to me by January 20th, 2021

  • Download the FREE Kindle book from Amazon on launch day, February 16th and provide your review as a verified purchaser (you can copy/paste the same review you sent me)

  • Celebrate with me on 2/16/21 and join the FB party when we successfully launch!


As my book review partner, the more we do together, the better our combined impact for potential readers, and the more fun and joy we’ll get to share!


To join me on this journey, please enter your name and email address below so that my team and I can communicate with you efficiently. WE WILL NOT ADD YOU TO ANY OTHER DISTRIBUTION LISTS.

If you have questions, drop me a line here info@executivebound.com, text, or give me a call at (201) 388-6318.


Thank you for believing in me and my message, and for being part of my tribe!

With love and appreciation,               


DR. GINNY A. BARO, CEO, ExecutiveBound™

International Speaker & Leadership Coach

#1 Bestselling Author, Career Strategist

To join the Book Review Team, please enter your name and email to here.

Healing Leadership: How to Rise to Your Potential in Business and Life 


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