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What people are saying about ExecutiveBound

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Aleta M., CHRO,
New York, NY

Private Coaching Member

“Before I began working with Dr. Ginny, I was challenged with figuring out the next steps in my career, as well as finding my passion. Dr. Ginny really helped me hone in on what I love about my job, what I am good at, and then what my true calling is overall. Dr. Ginny created a space so that I could see things clearly, as well as point out facts that I was not taking into consideration. 

I loved that she was not just a mirror for me but provided much-needed guidance and support throughout the entire process. I now have a clearer sense of purpose, which allows me to set aside time for the things that give me joy daily so that I keep my passion fed. I am more inclined to assess a situation regarding the needs I see so I can fulfill those needs and quickly get to the root cause of any issue. I am now able to help coach others more graciously.”

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