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What people are saying about ExecutiveBound

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Johnna G. Business Excellence Program Manager, Verizon

Fearless Leadership Mastermind

“When I joined the Fearless Leadership Mastermind program, I was looking for the tools to increase my executive presence and manage both real and perceived stresses associated with my leadership development. I needed guidance to amplify my emotional intelligence, hone my communication and networking skills, and influence key decision-makers to drive my career forward. Soon after I started coaching and actively participated in the training, I learned the art of connection, resiliency, and self-empowerment. Challenges with confrontational co-workers now become opportunities to learn with a newfound growth mindset. 

Through Ginny’s guidance, I can now reframe stressful situations, both real and imagined. I created positive habits with daily practices that align my strengths, values, purpose, and goals. My growth and transformation reflect in my workplace and annual reviews and my relationships with friends and family. I am committed to mindfulness and the arsenal of tools that enable me to focus on the present. 

The program gave me the ability to remain poised and confident in stressful situations. I was also able to identify and harness my Unique Value Proposition and leadership competencies. These insights increased my self-confidence, authenticity, and a sense of purpose. I feel this program offers great value in a safe, supportive environment to develop leadership and life-coping skills and to allow me to be my best Self. I would highly recommend the Fearless Leadership Mastermind to my colleagues and friends.”

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