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What people are saying about ExecutiveBound

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Kimberly K. New York, NY

Fearless Leadership Mastermind, Class of 2020

"I have had the privilege of participating in Ginny Baro's Fearless Leadership Mastermind course, and I am awestruck by the level of the detailed, comprehensive subject matter. The program is thorough and offers a wide range of resources, including video modules, mp3 downloads, transcripts, and a guided Workbook. So, no matter what platform or modality you learn best on, this program caters to your learning needs. 

Under Ginny's leadership, the Mastermind environment is lovingly supportive, and the engagement within the core group of professionals, the circle of trust, is empowering and insightful. It is Ginny's consistent support that inspires me most, both professionally and personally, holding me accountable to focus on awareness of energy, thoughts, actions, and beliefs to shift toward positive change. I'm grateful and motivated by her vulnerability, leading by example, and role-modeling what I can achieve with the right mindset. 

Ginny's contribution to this program, consistent practice of mindfulness, focus on self-awareness, and dedication to her clients, has awakened me."

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