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What people are saying about ExecutiveBound

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Will H., VP, Impact Business Development, New York, NY

Private Coaching Member

When I started coaching with Ginny, I was transitioning to an outward-facing business development role after a long career leading business initiatives and projects inside companies. She is very insightful, smart, thoughtful, and practical. She also offers terrifically positive energy and spirit to the knowledge and approach she delivers. Ginny helped me organize my thinking and priorities around my opportunity sets and helps me adopt better habits and mindset to pursue them successfully. 

She pushed me to get out of my comfort zone in ways that benefit my business, my clients, and me. Sometimes subtle changes in language can have a profound impact on the energy we give off. Ginny helped me reframe my use of words in powerful ways. Like a lot of busy professionals, especially in this time of information overload, I have a long list of things I could do at any given moment.

Ginny helped me prioritize my time to more consistently focus on what's important, including some interpersonal and organizational priorities to which I've not always been well attuned."

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