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An Inspired Morning Practice!

How do you lower anxiety, stress, hopelessness, and perform and feel at your best, despite the hurdles?  

Together, let's commit to an inspired morning practice that supports your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and helps you show up grounded and energized to your business and relationships. Let's get started! Pick your ingredients, follow the directions, and commit to it for 14 days. To stay in momentum, post your comments or questions at ExecutiveBound's LinkedIn Page or Facebook page. Enjoy the journey!


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The Fearless Leadership Mastermind

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Learn the #1 Success Secret to Becoming the Highly Impactful, Influential Leader You Are Meant to Be Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being

Keeping the Momentum Tool

Use this tool to help you stay in the flow, focused on the outcome that you want, in a high-energy state as you do it. Focus on your purpose and the results you want and identify any potential setbacks and how you would address them. 


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The Clarity Tool

Mapping your compelling vision.

Use this tool to very quickly assess where you are, where you want to go, and why. Once you know, the only part left is the capabilities to get there, the “how”—your Massive Action Map will help you get there

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The Swot Analysis Tool

Aligning between where you are and what you want.

Aligning to your strengths and challenges will help you spot the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential roadblocks that can prevent you from achieving your most desired professional and personal goals.


If you haven’t conducted a SWOT analysis in the context of reaching your leadership goals, use this time to practice it, and then apply it to any situation in any of the areas in your Wheel of Life.

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The Challenges Tool

What is holding you back?

Grounded on studies conducted by McKinsey&Co,, and Catalyst, this tool helps you identify factors that are challenging diverse groups (women, people of color and ethnic backgrounds, etc.) from advancing to senior leadership roles.


Which of these situations has challenged you or others in your organization while reaching for the next level? Some of these factors highlight unconscious biases (social stereotypes about certain groups of people that people form outside of their conscious awareness, gender, and otherwise).

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The Create it Tool

Tap into your desires as a leader.

Use this tool to continue to go deeper into your intentions and desires and your compelling future.


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