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Quality #4: How to be an inclusive leader who sets the vision and touches hearts

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We are working our way through the list of 21 qualities leaders must possess to lead during this time of complexity. The 21 qualities showcased in my new book, Healing Leadership: How to Lead, Love, and Thrive in Business and Life.

We already covered the first three qualities: healing leaders are great communicators, are empathetic and highly emotionally intelligent and they value and empower their team.

The fourth quality leaders require to support our teams, develop a unique edge, and lead during these difficult times is the ability to set the vision.

Let's start with an example...

In your family, there's always the person who sets the vision. In my family, that was my mother. At the age of 22, my mother had my oldest brother. A year later, my second brother was born, and by the age of 24, she had me. At the time, she was a teacher and held that job for over 10 years.

After a constant huzzle between two teaching jobs, she realized that in the Dominican Republic, she wasn't able to advance and was barely making ends meet. She wasn't thriving and didn't see a bright future for herself and us. That's when she began to look around for ways in which to give us a better future and opportunities. She reached out to her mother, who had moved to the United States, and my grandmother was able to request and secure her a family visa to reside in the U.S.

My mom's vision was to raise us to receive a decent education that would allow us to build our own lives and future, where we were financially, emotionally, and spiritually stable.

Regardless of the circumstances and uncertainties she faced, her clear vision enabled me to emigrate from the Dominican Republic at 14. It also helped my brothers immigrate to the U.S. at the age of 21 and 22--for us to gain an education, learn a vocation, and earn an income to support our own families today. My son, Kyle, and my nieces and nephew have benefited from their grandmother's vision starting more than 40 years ago now.

How does setting the vision translate to business?

When I started my business almost five years ago, I knew that I wanted to have a big impact and help leaders. I had been working for over 25 years and noticed that when there was a problem within the company, the problem usually stemmed from the leadership.

And I also noticed this...

When leaders communicate powerfully, are transparent, empathetic and emotionally intelligent, including being self-aware, those were the companies that functioned the best.

Under these types of leaders, employees gave their best. And because of this, I knew that I wanted to build a business supporting leaders to lead themselves, role-model for their teams, and uplift others while bringing their best forward.

How to set the vision in business

The last section of my new book, Healing Leadership, focuses on strategies for self-development. As a leader, we are constantly evolving. As Tony Robbins says, "if we're not growing, we are dying."

For your business, you are that beacon, the person others rely on to see around the corners and spot trends, and who communicates the vision vividly and enlists others to follow along. These attributes make you a leader, not your title, but your influence because people trust you, and people want to follow you.

  • How are you being visionary?

  • How are you looking ahead to see the trends?

  • What is happening in the marketplace?

  • How are you enrolling and bringing your team along to also partake in that vision and expand the vision even more?

This is what it means to be a visionary leader in your business or organization.

How to set the vision in your relationships

One of the most disempowering factors in a relationship is to think that you have zero control. I'm not referring to controlling others. Instead, I mean controlling yourself--how you show up and behave, what you say and the words you choose, what you believe about your relationship.

I get it--it may not appear that way on the surface. I come from a long history of dysfunctional relationships. I understand the pros and cons of being in a relationship and the baggage and drama surrounding relationships. However, when we focus on setting the vision in our relationships, we discover that we have more power to influence our relationships than we care to admit. We all have control over how we want to be in our relationships.

When you set the vision for your relationship, you are intentional about the type of person you want to be in that relationship, how you want to show up, how you want to be there for the other person, how empathetic, patient, and caring you are.

All these attributes are under your control and can be components of your relationship vision.

Take the steps you need to self-develop around those areas that will help you set the vision, whether it's the vision for your family, yourself, business and organization, or your relationships.

As leaders, it always starts with us.

You can reach us at to set up a complimentary strategy session and explore how our programs can help you rise to your full potential.

In the meantime, be fearless! (act despite the fear)

Coach Ginny 💕

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