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How would your life transform if you focus your energy on #HJPP—Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose?

The message of #HJPP (Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose) is not one to be ignored.

You will touch the minds, hearts, and souls of every person who hears it, and it will go viral.

It is understandable and straightforward to men, women, and all regardless of age.

Are you ready to deliver the message of #HJPP?

Yes. I'm taking on the #HJPP challenge.

Tick Tock, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, radio shows, TV, magazines, etc., we spend so much of our precious time watching, listening, swiping, looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained, distracted from our "reality."

We look for ways to eradicate the monotony, pressures, and stress we often feel throughout daily routines, work, home, social activities.

We live in fear and often aren't even aware of them—but we feel it in our bodies.

Fears express themselves in ways too painfully familiar: performance anxiety, hopelessness, overeating, drinking, substance abuse, a sense of superiority/inferiority, cynicism, even cruelty toward ourselves and others.

In this article, I invite you to become the spiritual teacher you indeed are. No worries, all will adjust around you. You will not sacrifice love, companionship, or income. You already have this ability in abundance.

Sharing this message is your calling--no more shying away from it, afraid of "what will they think?

The people in your life (yourself included) need, want, desire, crave, and dream about it. Help them build a bridge to it.

How would your life transform if you focus your energy on #HJPP--Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose?

Here's how #HJPP works.

#HJPP helps you develop an internal compass, internal GPS, internal drivers, internal remote control, and an internal roadmap.

What is Hope?

For me, Hope is…

A belief that there is a brighter future ahead.

A belief that life can improve.

A belief that you can change and situations won't remain the same.

A belief that an invisible force protects you and your loved ones from harm.

A belief that you will be taken care of no matter what happens.

A belief that you are a good person and human being.

A belief that no matter what happens, you will figure out a solution.

What does Hope mean to you?

What is joy?

Here are some of my interpretations. Joy is:

A belief that life is precious and cannot be wasted worrying about minor issues.

A belief that the world is a playground, and we have an opportunity to make the best of any situation.

A belief that every moment is a gift—the people we meet, places we frequent, experiences we have.

A belief that everyone has some good in them no matter which side they are showing us.

A belief that you are one with everything.

A belief that you are love and loved, always.

What is your interpretation of Joy?

What is Peace?

My intuitive answer is that Peace is:

A belief that you are in alignment with the world around you.

A belief that good deeds are the reward.

A belief that you are loved unconditionally.

A belief that compassionate people exist.

A belief that the world is as it should be.

A belief that you are constantly flowing with "what is" instead of resisting it.

A belief that all will be okay.

A belief that they know as much or more than me.

A belief that I am enough.

What does your gut tell you about what Peace is?

What is Purpose?

Purpose has many meanings in my life. Here are some of them. Purpose is:

A belief that you are here for a reason.

A belief that everything happens for a reason.

A belief that a situation is happening for you.

A belief that you want to make a positive impact--make a difference in the world.

A belief that you matter.

A belief that you belong.

A belief that you are the one meant to bring your dreams to reality.

Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose as Your Focus

As cornerstones in your life, when you live in #HJPP, Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose, starting with yourself, you create a reality that matches your true essence.

You disregard or minimize the parts that keep you separate from yourself and others and arrive home to your most authentic self.

From this foundation, you are the most powerful, divine, and humbly connected to all that is, including celestial and universal energies.

The manifestation of your dreams and desires becomes effortless, and the world transforms to be one with you--no more sense of struggle, work, separation, challenges.

When we live in #HJPP, Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose, we accept all that is as the gift that it is.

Life is a gift.

You are a divine gift to all of us.

We are a gift to you.

The world is your gift.

Go ahead and unwrap it, be with it.

You're on it.

You've got this. You always have.

Love is here to stay in you.

Let’s get curious together and explore this with the best intentions:

How would your life transform if you focus your energy on #HJPP--Hope, Joy, Peace, and Purpose?

How would focusing on #HJPP impact your career, leadership, business, family, personal and romantic relationships, community, society, country, and the world?

I would love to hear from you! If this article resonates, let me know how it lands for you, and please share it with your communities.

We need to share our voices loud and far. Together, we can.

Take the #HJPP challenge. If not you, whom?

Namaste! (the love and light within me sees the love and light within you)

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Live with purpose, live with joy!

Coach Ginny 💕


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